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Accepted Papers

We are pleased to provide the technical theme, title and corresponding author information for all approved papers that have been accepted by the TAC 2016 Ottawa Technical Committee. The detailed technical program will be posted at as it becomes available toward the end of August.

TAC 2016 Ottawa Technical Themes
Energy and Mining
Rock support designs of Montreal’s rue Jarry tunnel for TBM and NATM
Behzad Khorshidi
McNally Construction Inc.
The design and construction of the Hydro-Canyon Saint-Joachim hydroelectric tunnel and related deep excavations, Sainte-Anne du Nord River
Andre Rancourt
Future Projects
Geotechnical Investigation Program for the Don River and Central Waterfront Wet Weather Flow System
Mark Bruder
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Improving Toronto’s Waterfront with the Don River WWF Tunnel
Daniel Cressman
The Vitoria immersed tunnel southwest link
João Renato Remede Prandina
University of Ottawa
Innovations in Tunnelling
An analytical approach for ground-induced movement predictions due tunneling in a Brasilia Metro tunnel back analysis
João Renato Remede Prandina
University of Ottawa
Atlanta's Mega Water Project
Don Del Nero
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
BIM applications to underground projects: the example of the extension of Catania Railway
Guido Venturini
SWS Canada Consultants ltd
Brenner Basis Tunnel Project (Italy – Austria): Selection of 4 TBMs through a Detailed Statistical Risk Analysis
Guido Venturini
SWS Canada Consultants ltd
Buoyancy and thermal loadings considerations at Port Mann tunnel steel lining
Behzad Khorshidi
McNally Construction Inc.
Constructing the Mid-Halton Effluent Outfall Tunnel
Mary Jane Ferraro
Strabag Inc.
D’Arcy Street Watermain, City of Toronto
Ismail Issa
Exp Services Inc.
Development of a grout mix to be used as annular fill behind pre-cast concrete segments installed in tunnel with time dependent deformation character
Mike Ghassemi
Technicore Underground
The use of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete prefabricated liner segments for the Green Line Metro Doha– Qatar
Benoit de Rivaz
Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions
Finite element investigation of pre-supporting system with vertical piles and concrete ribs in shallow soft- ground tunnel
alireza ramezani
Supporting the Evergreen Transit Line Tunnel Project with Hyperbaric Intervention
Scott Black
ASI Group Ltd.
Impact of Shaft and Tunnel Construction on Consolidation of Varved Clay
Mahmoud Sepehrmanesh
Innovative Shotcrete Technologies for Advancement in Tunneling
William Clements
King Shotcrete Solutions
Large to very large Tunnel Boring Machine Diameters for today’s Infrastructure Systems
Karin Bäppler
Herrenknecht AG
ACI 544 Guideline - how to implement into your tunnel design and the benefits of FRC segments
Mehdi Bakhshi
Overcoming Challenges and Risks to Developing Personnel and Companies for the Tunnelling Business in North America
Brian Fulcher
Independent Consultant
Simulating tunnel behaviour in interbedded shale and limestone using FDEM
Johnson Ha
Sprayed polymeric membranes – state of the art in design and application for tunnel waterproofing with flexible polymers and new rigid rapid setting s
Thomas Kothe
The impact of tunnel shape and profile details on brittle damage development
Sarah Cain
Tunnel Boring below Montreal: A Case Study of Urban Tunneling through Hard Limestone
Tom Fuerst
The Robbins Company
Tunnelling in the Andes – Trials and Tribulations
Mark Stephen Diederichs
Queen's University
Using Innovative Techniques in order to Optimize Tunnel Support Schemes within Weak Rock Masses.
Nicholas Vlachopoulos
Validation of Composite Geological Strength Index for healed rockmass structure in deep mine access and production tunnels
Jennifer J Day
Dept. Geol. Sci & Geol. Eng., Queen's University
Fiberglass Jacking Pipe Provides Upgrade to Las Vegas Sewers
Cal Reaume
Long Distance Microtunnelling Under Canada’s Busiest Runway
Robert John Ofori
Deep Shaft Construction in Vancouver, BC
Ian Whitehead
Mott MacDonald
Diphoterine – A New Approach to Managing Exposures to Chemicals
Christina L Lindstrom
Kenaidain Contracting Ltd. / Obayashi Canada
Ground Water Control With use of Modern Pre/Post-Injection Techniques and Materials
Lawrence Justiin Halls
Normet UK Ltd
Guideline for preliminary design of Spiles
Jeffrey Oke
Melocheville road tunnel major refurbishing
Hubert Dubois
Multitasking in Mississauga Hanlan Feedermain North and Mississauga City Centre Watermain Tunnels (Contract 3)
Keivan Rafie
Point Estimate Method for Rock Block Stability in Deep Shafts
Ardalan Shahkar
Risk Management
Clogging problem in Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) drilling process
Chao Kang
University of Alberta
Geotechnical Risk Management Strategies in Public Private Partnership Method for the Delivery of Tunneling Projects, a North American Perspective
Sangyoon Min
Parsons Corporation
Monitoring of Urban Excavations and Underground Construction: Good Practices and Recent Innovations
Port Mann Main Water Supply Tunnel Project - Tunnel Cellular Concrete Backfill Program: Recommendations for Future Projects
Michelle van der Pouw Kraan
McMillen Jacobs Associates
Risk Management for Tunneling - The Role of the Owner's Geotechnical Engineer
William Cavers
Golder Associates
The City of Ottawa Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel: Managing Risk while Adding Value
Adrien Comeau
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Two Large Diameter Culvert Replacements in Challenging Ground Conditions
Kim Lesage
Golder Associates Ltd.
Urban and Environmental Challenges
Bathurst Street and Teston Road Watermains
Khaled Elnabolsy
Wellpoint Installation under Hydraulic Pressure, Dewatering for Cross Passage Construction
Harry Oussoren
Insitu Contractors
Design and Construction of a CSO System in Indianapolis
Verya Nasri
Design-Build: Planning Alternative Concepts for Short, Urban Tunnels
Wei-I Peter Chou
Parsons Transportation Group
Early Applications of the SEM in Canadian Urban Tunnels
Heinrich Heinz
Thurber Engineering
Looking forward to new underground urban spaces- The Confederation Line
Enrique Fernandez
SEM Crossover Cavern Design in Downtown LA
Carlos Herranz
TBM interaction with soil-rock transitional ground
Daniela Garroux G. de Oliveira
Queen's University
Tunnel Face Stability for Conventional Underground Excavation
Pooyan Asadollahi
Parsons Corporation
Urban Tunnelling in the City of Ottawa - A Case Study
Philip Reeve
J.L. Richards & Associates Limited
EPB Tunnelling in Abrasive Glacial Soils – Observed Excavation Tool Wear from the Eglinton Crosstown LRT in Toronto, Canada
Andre Solecki